Buying the latest tech gadgets is anything but cheap. Still, technology has become a major part of modern life. Thus, it is practically impossible to live without it. However, if you are resourceful, there are a wide range of effective ways in which you can reduce the money you spend on gadgets. Get acquainted with five simple tips to do that.

Sell Your Old Devices

Before thinking about purchasing the latest iPhone or tablet, you should first think about selling or trading your old device, as there is a wide range of retailers that offer you this opportunity. The newer your gadget is, the more credit you can receive in exchange. You should consider opting for companies that offer credit in exchange, as there are others that typically provide users with gift cards. Another way you can earn money after your older device is selling it on eBay.

Determine Your Needs

Before considering updating your gadgets, you should determine the amount of storage space you genuinely need. This way, you won’t get tricked by a clever salesperson to purchase more than you need. Your gadget purchases ought to meet your individual requirements; there’s no reason to buy expensive gadgets if you don’t have use of it.

Consider Online Shopping

If you didn’t consider online shopping before, it’s time you did that. Shopping online offers you the possibility to browse for hours before deciding on a particular product and get acquainted with the price range, particular properties and everything you need to know about the gadget you have in mind. Even though it requires a lot of your patience, it’s significantly convenient as online shopping offers you a wide range of great deals and coupons you can take advantage of.

When Possible, Opt for Free Software

Whether you were aware of the fact that you can opt for free software or not, there is a wide range of online services that provide users with free, equally effective free services. This software offers the same functions without additional, exorbitant costs. Still, while this alternative is not always available, you should always browse for obtaining products that meet your needs for lower costs. Simply reimburse yourself with patience and start browsing online.

Consider Skipping the Extended Warranty

While some people consider extended warranty to be an official guarantee that their products will be protected for a longer amount of time, the truth is that the steep prices to extended warranty cost increasingly more than the amount of money you would pay in the worst case scenario where you have to fix your gadget. As a matter of fact, retailers make larger sums of money from selling extended warranty than from the product themselves. Most of your gadgets will work perfectly, and in case they break down, the amount of money you saved will imminently cover the possible expenses associated with repair. Skipping extended warranty will undoubtedly help you save money, that’s a given.

This post originally appeared on TechCo.