If your idea of a family vacation includes more thrill than chill, we’ve got some spots you need to check out ASAP. From canyoneering in Zion National Park to canoeing through Minnesota’s Boundary Waters, there’s an adventure waiting for every family. Read on and plan your next excursion!

Mule Ride – Grand Canyon, Az

There's no better way to view the majesty of the Grand Canyon than on the back of a mule. Mules have been carrying riders and equipment down into the canyon since the late 1800s and it's an outing that you will not forget. Riders that meet the minimum height requirements (4'7" in the summer, 4'9" in the winter) can hop in the saddle and take in the plateaus, caves and canyons during the ride while learning about the history of the area from the guides along the way.


photo: Fezzywig via Pixabay


Where do you like to adventure as a family? Let us know below!

— Kate Loweth, Wendy Altschuler & Christal Yuen