Got a tot that likes both screen time and playing with toys? Introduce them to Tiggly, a new iPad app that combines the two with fun, educational results. Play Tiggly like any other app, by swiping and tapping with your fingers. Or make it even more interactive by using small rubber shapes — the first iPad toys designed for toddlers. A variety of games use music, sounds, animation and instructive voice-over to help kids develop a slew of abilities, from spatial reasoning to motor skills to language.


How to Play
Aimed towards kiddos from 18 months to 4 years old, there are three free apps you can download: Tiggly SafariTiggly Draw and Tiggly Stamp. These apps will let your kiddo use Tiggly Shapes or their fingers to discover shapes, create animals or objects. You can also take pictures and videos of your “creations” and download or send them to your Twitter, Facebook or email.


Tiggly Safari: Little fingers will use shapes to find farm animals. By filling in the blank silhouette correctly, kids will learn the shape’s name and watch them comes to life as a spider, chicken or even a rabbit!

Tiggly Draw: Kids can bring personality to their shapes with a variety of facial features on the bottom bar. Choose from googly eyes to toothy smiles to make the silliest little friends.

Tiggly Stamp: Imaginations will soar with Tiggly Stamp. Each time the shape is dropped onto the canvas, they’ll transform into a myriad of surprising things. Who knew stars could become squirrels, chickens and scarecrows?


Tiggly Shapes
Tiggly Shapes are rubberized toys designed with a soft plastic over and silicone touch point. Your toddler will be able to press against your iPad without putting too much pressure on the screen. While Tiggly Shapes are not required to play, they do increase the fun factor and help unlock special features like extra eyes and wings, backgrounds and digital play.

The shapes are available online here for $29.95. Each purchase includes 4 shapes (circle, square, star and triangle), 3 free iPad apps and 1 felt pouch for storage.


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— Christal Yuen

Photos courtesy of Tiggly