February 13th is National Cheddar Day. Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA) is celebrating this very special day with a limited-edition Cheddar Capsule collection—and it includes the 40-pound Tillamook Sharp Yellow Cheddar Mother Loaf.

Tillamook cheddar cheese products all start as 40-pound blocks. The cheese-makers than age the cheddar anywhere from 60 days to a full 10 years. After the cheddar reaches pure cheesy magnificence, it’s turned into a block, slices, shreds, or other Tillamook snacking products. Now you can buy the big block before it gets paired down into tinier bricks and other cheddar creations!

Sue Kapllani, VP of Marketing at TCCA, said in a press release, “We’ve heard time and again from our fans across the country that they wanted access to their favorite and harder-to-find Tillamook cheese products at the touch of a button.” Kapllani continued, “Our goal with our new online shop is to give our biggest fans exactly that and then some, in hopes that we can help make staying safe at home a little bit cozier and a whole lot cheesier.”

Along with the 40-pound Mother Loaf ($112), the Cheddar Capsule collection includes cheese-inspired tie-dye sweatshirts ($50), tie-dye sweatpants ($55), tie-dye long sleeve t-shirts ($40), lounge shorts ($38), a baby loaf bag ($40), the squeaky curds dog toy ($20), medium cheddar nail polish ($12), a baby loaf trio ($60), the Curd Lovers bundle ($60) and a Maker’s Reserve 2010 Extra Sharp White Cheddar ($23).

Nab your fave cheddar products from the capsule collection on the Tillamook website, starting Feb. 13 at 8 a.m. PST.

—Erica Loop

photos courtesy of PR Newswire



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