Does your baby struggle to drift off to dreamland? If so, you aren’t alone. A recent survey of 500 U.K. and 500 U.S. parents by Sleep Junkie found that parents spend an average of five hours and 25 minutes a day getting their babies to sleep.

With a little basic math, those five hours and 25 minutes per day equals roughly 82 days a year. That’s 82 days lost to bedtime-based activities such as feeding, walking, driving, reading, bathing and burping.

photo: Dominika Roseclay via Pexels 

Sleep Junkie broke down the data into how much time parents report spending on each get-ready-for-bedtime activity, with feeding coming in at first place (one hours and 46 minutes per day).

The second highest time-suck was walking at one hour and 21 minutes––that’s a grand total of 4.23 miles per day! Driving followed in third with parents driving an average of 41 minutes, or 20 miles, per day just to get junior to sleep.

Other time spent engaging in bedtime activities included 34 minutes on reading, 29 minutes on bathing and 24 minutes on burping.

—Erica Loop



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