By the time you’ve built up the courage to ask the cool mom on the playground if she’s new to the neighborhood or just visiting, she’s buckled up her mini-me and skedaddled. What if you could eliminate preemptive playground rejection (and message board maybes) with a thumb swipe? Welcome Mom’d Up, a social app that connects you with your next playdate soulmate without meeting face to face first. Read more about this ice breaking app below.

How It Works
Mom’d Up has been described as a G-rated dating app for parents. Sign up by connecting your personal Facebook account. All your picture perfect family portraits will be automatically uploaded to verify your parent status. Set your “Willing to Travel” radius (we suggest your miles include the closest park) and then curate your “Radar,” an extremely specific search setting. Filter out the nappers who sleep at 12:15 instead of 12:30 p.m. Your kiddo will only eat PB&Js on white bread with the crusts cut off? No problem! The tiny tot of the next mom  who comes up on your radar will have the same food preferences.

Use your thumb to double tap on moms you like or a swipe left on those who don’t really meet your criteria. If the other person has tapped you back, you’ll get “Mom’d Up.” The app then connects you and your Mom Match for a verification call, which is a live video chat so users confirm the authenticity of their Mom Match. From there it’s up to you to schedule a play date or politely back down (and avoid running into them at Whole Foods).

Cool Features
Users can also opt in for a monthly subscription fee of $12.99, which includes valuable premium features. There’s Mom-larm, a ringing notification that lets you know that your mom pal’s nearby. Our secret pleasure is Toy Box, which allows you and others to peruse through a potential match’s toy collection. We won’t judge if you double tap the family with the limited edition Frozen castle.

So say adios to those awkward meet and greets at the playground, and find your new mom pal hassle-free through Mom’d Up. You can even pull in your mini-me to do some swiping with you. Check out the addicting app here.

Available for iPhone and Android for free.


Will you be downloading this new app for playdates? How do you normally find your mom-pals? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments below! 

— Christal Yuen

photo by Matt MacDonald; edited by Christal Yuen