Ready to let your little out-of-the-box thinkers get their hands on things they can not only play with, but tweak and twiddle? Go ahead, raid the recycle bin and upcycle materials into stuff that can double as tinker-worthy toys. From building cardboard rocket ships and castles to soda can cars and do-it-yourself geoboards, it’s easy to re-use stuff you’ve got around the house. Scroll down and let’s get to tinkering!

H2O, Yo!

Let your little scientist discover the effects of gravity with an easy water maze. Scoop water and watch it cascade through the funnels. We love this wonderful waterfall at Toddler Approved. You’ll need a pool noodle, painter’s tape, and containers. Go here for the full details.

photo: Kristina via Toddler Approved

Editor’s Note: We at Red Tricycle encourage learning. That being said, please be sure your kiddo has access to age-appropriate materials and always supervise playtime. Happy Tinkering!

What household items do you use to tinker? Tell us about it in the comments!

—Nikki Walsh