Our new series, Tiny Birth Stories, is aimed at sharing real-life stories from our readers to our readers. In just 100 words or less, we’re bringing you the raw, the funny and the heartwarming stories you’ve lived while bringing babies into the world. Here are five stories that will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head in solidarity. 

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I pushed my baby back inside by Alexandra 

My first labor nightmare was at 32 weeks: I looked down to see tiny feet between my legs. “Not yet, sweet girl. It’s too early,” I pushed her back inside. … Iris Elizabeth was born precipitously IRL the next day. My usual AM Braxton Hicks turned into rapid-fire contractions, lodging my tiny transverse babe into my birth canal. Fully effaced, I dilated from 2-to-8cm in 15 minutes, and dramatically broke my waters on the way to L&D admitting. Before I could process what was happening, I was in recovery from emergency C, with a preemie in the NICU. I lived my nightmare, but a year later, my sweet girl is my best dream come true.