Parenting, not to mention parenting in a pandemic, can be lonely. But what if there was a safe, parent-powered place to connect? And what if that place was also already loved by millions of parents as a trusted place to share and store your favorite family milestones? Well, we’ve got some great news for you!

Red Tricycle’s sister company, Tinybeans, is that place! Tinybeans hosts families from around the world with a space to upload, store and safely share memories and photos. And now, we’re about to debut a cool new feature in the Tinybeans app, and we want you to join us!

We’re launching a brand new feature called Community, within the app. It’s a Parent-Powered Place for cool products, activites, time-saving hacks, and more. And right now, Red Tricycle users can get  priority access to the beta testing of this new feature. You can sign up now to join the waitlist and be among the first to get a look at what this community is all about.

Click here to join up and discover what the buzz is all about.

Join our waitlist today and be part of parents from around the globe working together to make life easier for each other.