So mama, you made it through your first pregnancy, birth and the beginning months or years of motherhood, when a tune you just cannot resist is on constant repeat in your mind. Sing it Ace of Base, “all that she wants is another baby…”

It’s time to get the party started again. Get another little love train on its way to the station for delivery of one precious bundle of joy.

No matter what the first pregnancy was like, it’s basically guaranteed that this pregnancy will be nothing like it, and there may be times when you will feel like you’ve never even been pregnant before because this one is so totally different from the first. Pregnancy is just quirky like that. You may have more pain, less bladder control, less or more weight gain… there’s a bazillion variables of all kinds. Fun!

The anticipation for your new little guy or girl will grow and grow right along with your waist, and you may find that you are just praying for the day when labor starts and finishes. The Braxton Hicks, back labor and all the other false alarms can just give it a rest and let this baby out on early parole.

My lovely niece is in this exact position. Her due date is January 31st, but she has been “going into labor” since about the second week of January. False contractions, a close call with what was thought to be some water breaking, some more potential contractions, a sunny side up baby and some back labor. It’s been a rollercoaster. Her little playa hater has been really giving her a run for her money… and her overnight bag.

So what else would a supportive aunt such as myself do during such a time?

Serenade her with some dope beats to get this baby on its way…

I hope these can offer some comfort for all ya’ll pregnant ladies in the crowd if you find yourself in a similar delicate condition, especially as you get closer to D-Day ( delivery day). You go from singing, “all that she wants, is another baby,” to “all that she wants is to deliver that baby…”

Here’s to you, moms!

Disclaimer: All songs are rewrites of the honorable Vanilla Ice and his most badass tune “Ice Ice Baby” which has it’s own puny elements at the moment of which I am holding back from using. Just so ya know!

These little ditties are from when she found out that her baby was sunnyside up and she found out that pelvic tilts, rubbing myrh on her belly, in her bath water, and God knows where else, some time on all fours and something called rebozo sifting may turn the baby and get her ready for go time. It all sounded a little like the truffle shuffle to me… but who am I to judge?

A mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do. She wanted that baby out, so I was going help her jam her way into delivery.

Ditty 1: Use myrh to turn that baby. Da na nana na na na na

Alright stop, rub that belly and listen. Put some myrh in your bath and get baby’s attention. Sunny side up like an egg daily and nightly. Myrh up that baby to make him sit rightly. Shoot him right out- ya never know. 6lb baby could just fall out, you’re good to go.

Use myrh to turn that baby Da na nana na na na na

Note: first baby was 9lbs, so a little 6lber could just shoot right out. Anything is possible.

Ditty 2: Walk out that baby Da na nana na na na na

Ok walk, bounce those hips and position Yourself on all fours and those hips be liftin. Get that baby out this very nightly. Hang from those bars, oh what a sight to see.

Will he come out? Yo, I don’t know. Drop it like a squat, he may show. To the extreme you rock this preg like a pro. Let’s get that baby out tonight fo sho.

Walk out that baby Da na nana na na na na

Note: Walking is supposed to help get baby into position and ready to head on out. She was walking around a shopping center with her mall that happened to have a playground. Being the helpful aunt that I am, I suggested hanging from the monkey bars.

Ditty 3: 10 contractions in an hour Da na nana na na na na

Ok watch, keep track, pay attention. Seems the baby may be close- the doctor might be catchin A baby boy, in the next 12 hours. Get on your knees and not just for prayin, Sway those hips- think you know what I’m sayin. Pelvic tilts- rock that boy into motion. Break that water, no, that’s not the ocean, That’s dripping- all over your floor. Make a phone call and get out that door!

Note: She was up to regular contractions, about six in a hour and then they stopped completely. Harumph!

I’m sure there were probably more renditions that I didn’t save from throughout her pregnancy. We’ve all been so eager to welcome her new little baby into the world, as I’m sure all of you new moms, 2nd round moms, and moms who are serious experts at this labor thing are. Hopefully if they haven’t been exactly “helpful” they are distracting for a second from the “bliss” that late term pregnancy is.

One thing is for sure. Whenever this little dude shows up! I got a bad ass gangsta name all picked out for him to rock!

*** This post is in no way medical advice in any way, shape, or form. ***

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