Unicorns and Perfect Mothers: Lies, All Lies

Photo: laughingkidslearn.com

I suck at this Mom thing.

Or at least feel like I do.

And while my head knows it’s not true, my heart sends a different message.

No, I don’t want to go to the park – bad mom… Yes, the last birthday party invite was via text, the day before the party – bad mom… No, I didn’t read to #3 for 20 minutes last night – bad mom… Yes, #3 is four months overdue for his 9 year old well check – bad mom… No, I didn’t send money for the teacher gift yet – bad mom… Yes, I want #3 to quit Scouts – bad mom… No, I don’t know any of the text lingo #2 does – bad mom… Yes, I fed #3 and his two friends donuts for breakfast – bad mom… Yes, he’s heard the f-word – bad mom… No, he’s not eating organic food at every meal – bad mom… Yes, he’s seen me hungover (and drunk) – bad mom…  Yes, he’s heard me tell a little white lie – bad mom… No, he doesn’t know his multiplication tables…bad mom…

The list goes on and on and on and on and on…

And on and on and on and on…

And on and on….

Which is what made this email from a friend so sweet.

“So have to give you a pat on the back…..yesterday I handed out otter pops after field day for the students and #3 was one of the only students that responded with a THANK YOU!!!  Such a polite kid, you are doing a fabulous job.”

A fabulous job? She thinks I’m doing a fabulous job? It absolutely made my day. Those 45 little words were absolutely music to my ears. Do you mean to tell me that all of the blood, sweat and tears of motherhood have actually made a difference?

And it made me think…why don’t we do this more often? Why don’t we take two minutes out of our day to let a momma know when her kid is amazing?

When it comes down to it, this is the stuff that matters. All of that other stuff, the Pinterest birthday parties, the organic food, the teacher gifts, none of it, NONE OF IT, is as important to me as raising a decent human being.

Which apparently (at least in that moment) I seem to have accomplished!

And maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t just an isolated moment, maybe I haven’t totally failed as a momma! And maybe, just maybe, he is on his way to being a decent human being!

So, my thanks to you my friend (you know who you are) for pinging me when I needed it most and for inspiring me.  Inspiring me to keep at it with this mom thing, but more importantly, inspiring me to pay it forward to another Momma who is doing the best she can… which turns out is not just good enough but truly fabulous!

So Mommas, I beg of you, keep on keeping on and when you notice a Momma who is doing a fabulous job – take a minute and let her know.

Trust me, she’ll love it!