To the Mom in her moment of weakness,

I want you to know I hear you. I want you to know I understand. I know what it’s like to have this vision, this idea in your head of how you want it to all go as a mother, as a wife, as a woman who can balance them both with her career and/or hobbies and interests. I know the moment when you stop in defeat, unsure for a moment where to go from here.

When you share those soul searching stories they resonate with me. I feel your frustration; I feel your disappointment.  Because I too struggle; I too sometimes don’t measure up to my own expectations or visions, and I too feel like I let others and myself down.  I have stared at my moments of failure in defeat too; questioned whether that meant I wasn’t good enough to be the person, the woman, or the mom I wanted to be.

Don’t judge yourself as weak in those moments though. I don’t believe our moments of defeat are a weakness. They truly are just moments that are molding us to continue to evolve into the strong, successful women that we are and will continue to be. We will each pick ourselves up over and over again, rebuilding and remolding ourselves into the vision we imagine.

As much as we hold the bar of expectation for ourselves high, we are not meant to be perfect; we are not meant to be on this journey alone, isolated in loneliness and feelings of despair. None of us are immune to the struggle that is motherhood. They say we need a village but the village isn’t just for the help with raising our kids but a village of support for each other. We need to be in each other’s corners when the struggles are consuming us; we all need someone to believe in us when we don’t even believe in ourselves.

So to you, the mom beside me, I want  you to know even in what you think is your weakest moment, your darkest hour in the journey of mastering motherhood I believe in you. You inspire me in your dedication and tenacity. The road is hard but remember you are not alone. Keep on going, mama, and remind yourself you’re doing great!

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