photo: Pexels

If you didn’t know that Computer Science Education Week is a thing, it is. And it’s right now. Actually, it’s December 4-10. In celebration of this “week,” Google is using their Doodle to get kids excited about coding. Take a look at what Google has in store for kids who code — and those who want to!

The Doodle is based on the Scratch programming language and includes a simple game. All you (or your kiddo) needs to do is help the bunny collect carrots while using different commands.

As if the Doodle-based game isn’t enough CS awesomeness for one child, Google is also giving kids the chance to create their own logos. That’s right, your computer kid can create their very own Google logo.

How can your child create a Google logo, literally from Scratch? Well, don’t stress if you’re not a computer science pro. Google has a completely easy option for your child. There’s an introduction video and plenty of help to get started.

Kids across the country are creating their own outstandingly imaginative Google logos, and being featured on the company’s website. And not only are they coding and creating, but they’re also sharing what CS means to them. A 10-year-old from North Carolina said, “I want to be a surgeon, so computer science might help me fix an organ in the O.R. if it malfunctions. Surgical procedures always follow an order and since CS has helped me to do things in order, it will help me when I grow up.”

Another 10-year-old, from California, noted, “I like coding because I get to be creative and I can make my choices myself-ones that represent my personality.”

What type of logo would your child create? Tell us in the comments below.