All it takes is a matter of seconds for your toddler to turn your tidy house into a natural disaster area. You can spend all your time and energy constantly cleaning up—or you can try one mom’s toddler-proofing bathroom hacks that require nothing more than a basic hair tie and a few plastic toys.

Australian mom of two, Kimberley Bosley, recently shared her clever tricks for preventing her toddlers from wreaking havoc in the bathroom. “Both my little boys love running into the bathroom and pulling out whatever they can, so I had to think of a way to keep them exploring without ruining the house,” Bosley told The Daily Mail.

Anyone who has ever felt the pain of having to re-spool a toilet paper roll will appreciate just how genius her hair-tie hack is. Bosley demonstrated how the trick works on her Instagram page, where her 16-month-old son, Hudson, can be seen trying to unravel the toilet paper roll only to find that he can’t.

Bosley wraps a large hair-tie around the roll to keep the squares in place when the toilet paper isn’t in use. Then when you need to tear some off, you can simply roll the tie to the side of the toilet paper holder.

If you think that’s clever, you’ll love how Bosley keeps her kids from raiding the bathroom cabinet by enlisting the aid of their own toys. Using a few of those interlocking link toys that you probably have lying around the house already, Bosley prevents her other son, two-year-old Madden, from getting into the cabinet below the sink.

No link toys? No problem. Bosley says you can also use a spare dog collar to keep cabinet doors shut when you’re in a pinch. Pure mom genius.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pexels


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