Your kiddo’s idea of fine art is the finger paintings adorning your refrigerator door. Keep encouraging her love of art by canvassing your home with Toi Art Gallery’s limited-edition prints. Playful, affordable and created with kids in mind, the online art gallery features a diverse selection of inspired prints, all that come with a certificate of authenticity and are signed by the international artist. Click through the photo gallery to discover six stunning prints from Toi Art Gallery we would be thrilled to see hanging in our own home.

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Huerta or garden is Spanish is the central theme of this glicée print of an original in collage on paper. Viviana Elinger and Karina Miller, the two owners of Toi Art Gallery (fun fact: they’re both native of Argentina but Californians by choice), tell us that the print is all about a girl dreaming of blossoming plants and home.

Print is 8 x 10 inches
Available at Toi Art Gallery for $90

Good to Know:

  • Each Toi Art Gallery print is an original and is one in a series of 25.
  • While all prints come unframed, they all fit standard frame sizes and standard pre-cut mat sizes (read: you won’t ever need to pay for pricey custom framing).
  • To ensure each print lasts from childhood into adulthood, each is printed on artist-quality pigment- and acid-free cotton paper.

Which print is your favorite? How do you go about decorating your child’s room? Leave a comment for our community below!