If those tiny pearly whites are starting to wiggle and loosen for the first time, you might be wondering just how much the tooth fairy should pay per tooth. According to a new study, the current going rate might be a little steeper than you think—and it’s definitely gone up since you were a kid.

Finance website LendEDU surveyed more than 1,200 American households and found that the average amount currently gifted by the tooth fairy was $3.25 per tooth. That’s nearly a dollar more per tooth than you probably raked in as a kid; millennials averaged only $2.13 per tooth. Gen Xers were even less generously rewarded, receiving an average of only $1.39 per tooth.

However, when adjusted for inflation, LendEDU calculated that it was, in fact, the older generations that had a more generous tooth fairy, as the average rate of $0.69 that Baby Boomers received would be a whopping $5.77 when adjusted for the current day. Some households reported that the tooth fairy left other gifts behind as well, like toothbrushes and dental floss.

Unlike Santa or the Easter Bunny, the tooth fairy first made appearances in the early twentieth century, and there are only scattered references to her until World War II. This mythical collector of teeth didn’t even garner an entry in the encyclopedia until the late ‘70s. If you have a grade school-aged kid now though, the tooth fairy is definitely a well-known celeb at home.

How much does the tooth fairy pay for teeth at your house? Tell us your going rate in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured Photo: Phillip Brookes via Flickr



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