What’s the going rate for a lost tooth? Delta Dental has tracked Tooth Fairy statistics for decades, giving parents a peek into what the national averages look like.

According to Delta Dental’s Original Tooth Fairy Poll, the magical creature is paying out less this year than last. The current average cash gift for a lost tooth is $3.70—which is 43 cents lower than what the Tooth Fairy brought a year ago.

photo: Courtesy of Delta Dental

Even though the national average is $3.70, two out of every five parents pay more. Thirty-seven percent of moms and dads admit to giving at least $5 per lost tooth. When it comes to how parents calculate the per-tooth value, the Original Tooth Fairy Poll uncovered a few trends.

Forty-six percent of parents choose the Tooth Fairy’s rate based on spare cash they have on hand, 31 percent use their children’s ages to set the price and 20 percent use their kiddo’s recent behaviors.

Jennifer Elliott, chief marketing officer for Delta Dental Plans Association, said in a press release, “Most parents say that the Tooth Fairy is bringing excitement and joy to their children, with more than one-third of caregivers sharing that the Tooth Fairy instills good oral health habits.” If this isn’t a good enough reason for the Fairy to fork over some cash, we don’t know what is!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Big Bear via Pixabay



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