Talking about getting your kids to brush their teeth turns into a chicken-and-egg scenario very quickly. Which came first? Your kids hatred for brushing their teeth? Or your hatred of reminding them to? Don’t think about it too hard — you’ll end up going in circles, tied tight with a bow of bubble gum flavored floss. Instead of trying to convince them of all the reasons why they should/have to/need to brush their teeth, convince them that it’s cool by using one of the best tactical parenting methods available — super fun gear!


($8, Keep Calm and BRUSH On Poster, PosterPop via Etsy)

They Wiggle and They Wobble… …but they don’t fall down! And, hopefully the fun design of the Violife Rockee Toothbrushes ($15 each) gets your kids brushing! Each Violife Rockee set comes with a reusable base and replaceable heads for when you need to start fresh with a new brush. The best part, besides all of that inspired teeth brushing? No need to fuss with a toothbrush holder on your bathroom counter-top!


Open Wide! Your kids are already obsessed with your iPhone, so why not use it to your advantage? Download the T-Rex Toothbrush Timer ($1, available on iTunes) to keep them brushing for that full recommended two-minutes. Your kids can mimic where the dino is brushing to make sure they get all of their teeth covered and, using the app is as easy as pushing the start button.


A Field of Toothbrushes Let’s vote — what’s worse than having to ask your kids to brush their teeth over and over and over again each morning? Going back into the bathroom later to find a toothbrush graveyard. Add toothpaste schmeared from the counter to the light fixture and it’s likely more like a tooth brushing crime scene. Add an Umbra Grassy Toothbrush Organizer ($9, The Container Store) to your bathroom and your kids will be more likely to put their toothbrush where it goes when they’re done brushing.


We Will, We Will, BRUSH You! Besides the fact that having your kids brush their teeth to the tunes of Queen is a majorly proud parenting moment, watching them try to brush their teeth and sing at the same time is highly entertaining. Tooth Tunes Singing Toothbrushes ($8 each, Amazon) are available in artists from Queen to the Black Eyed Peas to Lady Gaga and everything in between.


Terrific Tooth Tracking You’ve tried every chart under the sun — the sticker chart, the magnet chart the fridge chart, the online app chart. But, have you tried the one that lets your kids write on the bathroom mirror to inspire them to get brushing? The Personalized Tooth Brushing Chart ($14, Etsy seller VineAll) comes in their favorite color and has their name on it to avoid sibling brushing confusion. Add a wipe-off marker and you won’t have to ask them to brush once, let alone six times!


What is your secret to getting your little ones to clean their chops…without a fight?  — Katie Kavulla (Psst! While we’re huge teeth brushing advocates, we are not dentists. Please make sure you pick the age appropriate tooth cleaning products and accessories for your kids, despite these fun recommendations.)