Remember that 14-hour trip to New Zealand, that 10-hour trip to Japan or even that 6-hour redeye flight cross country? Did you sleep a lot? Did you sleep at all? Chances are if you’re a mom, you didn’t sleep much on that flight and here are the top 10 reasons why.

1. There are so many movies to watch that you haven’t seen—and won’t get to see at home. When was the last time you got to watch a movie uninterrupted? Most kids can’t stay up the entire flight, so choose a flick (or two or three) and watch that movie.

2. You don’t want to miss the meals. They may not be good but someone else cooked them AND will clean up the dishes and trash for you. For a mom, that’s first-class service even if you’re stuck in coach.

3. This may be the only quiet time you get (ever) so you stay up to enjoy it. Just you and the hum of the plane.

4. The guy across the aisle to your right has a bright light on his laptop keeping you from sleeping. You can’t turn left cause your toddler will start pulling on your eyelids. (This may or may not have happened to me on the way to New Zealand).

5. Speaking of movies, there’s bound to be a movie starring the Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson), meaning there’s a huge chance you’ll get to see him with his shirt off. Okay, it doesn’t matter who it is. Any cutie in a movie might take his shirt off!

6. Your partner is already asleep and somebody has to stay up to watch the kids. #momlife

7. You’re on a 12-hour flight but there’s a lot of life to be had so you’re already making a to-do list for when you land.

8. You’re just straight-up hardcore. You don’t get sleep at home so why would you sleep on a plane?

9. You’re enjoying an adult conversation with a stranger on the plane.

10. It’s finally, FINALLY, an opportunity to read a book that isn’t made from cardboard, doesn’t rhyme and is longer than five pages.

This post originally appeared on Raising Nomads.