Ahh, the Halloween costume. Your child starts planning it sometime around July 4th. But your kiddo’s lofty ideas don’t always come to fruition. Right? Yeah, he wants to create an exact replica of the Millennium Falcon and wear it around his waist. Not going to happen. But there are plenty of picks that are…umm, shall we say easier. And we’ve got the top Halloween costumes for 2017!

Long gone are the days when kids grabbed a plastic mask from the corner store, pulled a pillowcase off of their bed and headed out for a night of trick-or-treating. Kids want the creative costumes they see on their favorite characters. And that’s exactly what’s in for this year’s Halloween selection. According to Walmart, licensed character costumes rule.

For 2017, the top honor at Walmart stores goes to Evie Descendants Classic (girls). This is followed by Spiderman Homecoming (boys), Paw Patrol Chase (toddler), Frozen Elsa Classic (girl), Superman (toddler), PJ Masks Catboy (toddler), Batman Dark Knight (boy), Transformers Optimus Prime (boy), Halo Master Chief and Shimmer Deluxe (toddler).

The top 10 costumes for 2017 are somewhat different when it comes to what parents are buying online. The number one costume for the season is Jurassic Park T-Rex Inflatable (adult). Hmm. It looks like those grown-ups are getting dressed up more often than we might think. This is followed by Spiderman Muscle Chest (toddler boys), Superman Fiber Fill (toddler boys), Batman Fiber Fill (toddler boys), Paw Patrol Marshall (child), Wonder Woman (toddler), Jurassic World T-Rex Inflatable (child), Catboy Deluxe (toddler boys), Paw Patrol Chase (child) and Captain America Muscle Chest (toddler boys).

What’s your child’s Halloween costume pick this year? Tell us in the comments below.