When it comes to the news and info we find fascinating, 2017 was quite the year! From parents who totally keep it real to how to score the best online deals, we rounded up the tidbits and facts that totally blew our (and yours, dear reader) minds. Keep reading to see them all again, or maybe for the first time!

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1. Postpartum Recovery Time Should Be EVEN LONGER

We were all ears when it was confirmed that moms might need more recovery time after delivering a baby. According to this study, it should be an entire year! And, after dealing with late night feedings and early morning wake-up calls, we couldn’t agree more.

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2. Costco Hacks That Blew Our Minds

People couldn’t wait to hear about how it might be possible to get those incredible Costco deals without paying that pesky fee. Want a hint? You can have stuff delivered!

photo: Elizabeth Messina

3. Lauren Conrad’s Powerful Instagram Message

Celeb baby sightings are always exciting, but Lauren Conrad’s powerful IG post says so much more. Her strong message about building a better future for our kids gives us hope.

photo: courtesy LEGO

4. LEGO Opened an Entire Museum at the HQ in Denmark

It’s no secret that the colorful bricks have been the world’s most popular toy for decades. But this year, LEGO managed to blow our minds by designing and opening a house made especially for master builders. From the LEGO gallery to the rooms filled with bricks for building, this spot instantly made our bucket list.

photo: mayavorderstrasse via Instagram

5. This Mom’s Viral Pregnancy Photos

This mom gets totally real about pregnancy. Her beautiful (and hilarious!) pictures that chronicle her second pregnancy, while dealing with a newborn, had us laughing all the way into her ninth month.

photo: Mundo Resnick via Flickr

6. The Photo of Two Parents at the Airport We Can All Relate To

Traveling with kids can send a shiver down even the most experienced parent’s back. Which is why we were totally crushing on these parents who keep their cool while hanging in the airport with their twin babies.

photo: JJ Ying via Unsplash

7. The Best Amazon Deals, Ever

These $1 deals on Amazon just about won the internet. Who knew so many cool things came at such a great price?

photo: Charles Deluvio via Unsplash

8. What to Binge-Watch on Netflix

Mamas need me-time, and what better way to relax than to binge-watch your favorite show on Netflix. Our suggestions were totally on point.

photo: courtesy Allison Kimmey

9. The Mom Who Shut Down Body Shamers with One Simple Post

This mom who shut down body shaming gave us confidence about how we parent our own kids. Words are just words, it’s what you do in life that counts.

photo: highlander411 via Flickr

10. The Horrible (but Hilarious) OBGYN Visit

Being pregnant? An amazing experience. A visit to the OBGYN? Not so awesome. These parents had us in stitches over what can sometimes be an awkward situation.

11. The Little Belly Picture That Blew Up Instagram

Ahh, toddlers. They melt our hearts with their innocence and spunk. So, when this mom posted a pic on IG of little bellies that (almost!) matched her own 15-week bump, we couldn’t help but share.

photo: Rom via Flickr 

12. The Simple Solution to Tantrums. Yep, We’re All Listening!

A kicking, screaming kid is probably one of the hardest things to parent with grace. According to a new survey, there’s a pretty simple solution, and we were all ears! A hint? It includes lots of love.

What was your favorite story this year? Share with us in a comment below!

—Gabby Cullen