Just when you think you know what people are like, someone surprises you. That’s exactly what happened to one mama — at Target. She was shopping with her toddler son. And like most kiddos his age, the little boy wanted more than mom was willing to buy. Yep. Instead of the one dinosaur that his mom agreed to buy, the tot wanted three. Of course. Wouldn’t your child want the same? Well…as it turns out the little boy got exactly what he wanted. And here’s how!

When the little boy grabbed all three dinos, mom did what most of us would do. She let him pick one. Come on, your toddler wouldn’t get all three. Right?

As the boy was deciding between the three plush toys, an older man walked past. And the boy sweetly said, “Hi.” What happened next? The boy’s mom posted on her Facebook page, “He turned around and said ‘hey sweet boy’ he proceeded to play dinosaurs…”

Obviously, the mom was somewhat hesitant to let a stranger talk to her child. But then the man took a $20 bill out of his wallet and gave it to the little boy. The mom continued her post writing the man said, “I just lost my 2 year old [sic] grandson last week…” He then told her that he wanted the boy to have all three dinos!

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