We’ve all got go-to books that both us and our kids enjoy, but reading Goodnight Moon every night can get a little repetitive. To add some excitement to your family’s reading routine, check out these adorable TouchThinkLearn board books from Chronicle Books and enjoy watching your little ones discover their new favorite bedtime story.

Written and illustrated by children’s author Xavier Deneux, these innovative TouchThinkLearn books (best for kids ages three and up) encourage hands-on, multi-dimensional learning through their simple raised shapes and scooped-out forms on opposite pages. By seeing the image, tracing its shape, and reading the words, little learners can master essential concepts while being entertained by the adorable images! As if these interactive books couldn’t get any better, TouchThinkLearn’s board books are extra durable, skipping fragile flaps, and they will last through tons of readings at home or at school.

TouchThinkLearn_Opposites_Caged and Free (1)

In Colors, Deneux pairs colors and their everyday counterparts perfectly. The red apple, the brown bear, and the green caterpillar give easy examples so little ones can understand the colors as they read. In Opposites, each page depicts opposing pairs, like an empty and full fishbowl and outdoor and indoor bunnies, to illustrate the differences between the two. The cutouts are so creative that each opposite fits inside the other! We love the heavy elephant versus the light cloud…so simple and cute.    

Our favorite part of these sweet stories? They’re simply adorable! Displaying cartoon animals, bright colors, and interesting shapes, your kids (and maybe you!) won’t be able to put them down.

TouchThinkLearn: Colors and TouchThinkLearn: Opposites cost $14.99 each and are available at chroniclebooks.com. Look out for the Shapes and Numbers editions coming in Spring 2014!

What’s your kid’s favorite bedtime story?

– Claire Schillings