Your kiddo doesn’t have email (yet). Or a Facebook page (yet). Or a SnapChat account (it’s coming — one day). It’s hard to imagine somebody so little having up-to-the-minute tech access, but a new company called ToyMail is out to change the game. It’s introduced a safe way for kids to communicate wirelessly with loved ones. ToyMail sells Wi-Fi enabled “mailmen” animal toys that receive and play back voice messages you send to your kids via your smartphone.


To make the system work, you need to download the ToyMail app. Once you have it, you can send your kids messages from anywhere and your kids can respond in real time by talking to their toy. Do it while you’re in the office and they’re at the park. Or maybe just while you’re in the kitchen and they’re in the living room. The fun is making an instant connection and letting the kids feel special.


You choose whether the message resounds in your own voice or through the growl, whine or other noises of the animal toy. Kids just press a button to listen and reply. You’ll be able to keep all the conversations close at hand; the app has a mailbox which stores all incoming and outgoing messages. Take your pick of six different animal “mailmen” characters (deer, raccoon, bear, more).


Currently the app works on any IOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod), and an Android version is coming soon. The download is free, however each message you send and receive costs one virtual stamp. ToyMail gives you 10 free stamps each month, and for any additional usage, you can buy books of 50 stamps for $.99. ToyMail toys are available online at and costs $59.

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— Kelly Aiglon

Photos: courtesy of ToyMail