You walk into a Toys”R”Us store and your kiddo goes wild. Seriously. She just can’t stop herself. And can you really blame her? Ahh, the toy store. It’s like a magical playground that houses every possible plaything your child could ever want. But wait. Here’s the problem. At least, the problem for your child. Even though there are toys galore surrounding her, she can’t play with any of them. Yep. They’re all boxed up. Well, Toys”R”Us wants to fix that. And here’s how.

Select Toys”R”Us stores, 42 of them across the country, hold Play Labs. What’s a Play Lab? Well, it’s exactly like it sounds. It’s an experiential play opportunity for kids to test toys in the store.

Not only can your child get the chance to play with the hottest toys of the season, but he or she can also try them out before you buy them. You know how it goes — your child absolutely, positively has to have the newest, coolest, best toy that her preschool BFF has. She wears you down and before you know it you’re at Toys”R”Us buying it for her. When you finally get it home (after spending the better part of an hour freeing it from all of those little plastic twist-ties) she plays with it for all of five minutes. And then she discards the said toy, never to pick it up again.

Hey, how could she know that it was actually a major snooze fest? Well, if she gets to play with it first, you won’t have this problem. At least, not to the same extent.

Play Lab is currently available in select stores in California, Delaware, Florida, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Visit the Toys”R”Us website for a full list and details.

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