photo: Toys”R”Us

By now just about every parent has heard the news. Toys”R”Us had to do what no company wants to do — file for Chapter 11. Don’t worry, they’re sticking around for now. And they’re trying to beat those low-priced digital retailers with some techy fun. Yep. Toys”R”Us now has an augmented reality app that’s going to totally change the way you (and your kiddo) shop the store!

So how can an app totally transform your shopping experience? Well, to start with it’s an augmented reality app. Play Chaser creates a virtual reality experience to take with you as you shop. Okay, so parents won’t really get that into the app. But hey, it’s not made for you. It’s made for your child.

Kids can point the app at the in-store star icons and play away. Suddenly the store is more than just aisles of toys. Um, yeah we know — those aisles of toys are pretty much enough to entertain your child. But if your little one wants more, the app lets them play basketball and see other digital images around the store. Yay!

Toys”R”Us is currently testing the Play Chaser app in 23 stores across the U.S. They plan on rolling the app out in the rest of the stores starting October 21.

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