Most shoppers make a quick pit-stop in the garden section before heading inside on their Trader Joe’s run, and you’ll definitely want to now that fall products are arriving. On a trip this weekend, our editors spied a spooky and sweet new succulent: baby toe’s!

Known officially as Fenestraria Rhopalophyllathese potted succulents grow in individual stems that look oddly enough like adorable baby toes that you love to nibble. The pretty plants come in brightly colored porcelain pots and are perfect for the spooky season (because baby toes not attached to a baby foot are the stuff of nightmares).

The petite plant is easy to care for, just needing a lot of sun and water when the soil becomes dry. You can also easily propagate if you’d like a total garden of baby toes, which could be the ideal way to scare your neighbors this Halloween.

You’ll find the potted succulents in the usual garden section of your local Trader Joe’s during the fall season for less than $5.

––Karly Wood



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