Trader Joe’s new Chocolate Lava Gnocchi hasn’t even hit the store website yet but it’s already making waves with customers. The sweet treat arrived in the freezer section this week and we are definitely on board for the dinner-turned-dessert!

Traditionally, gnocchi is a soft dough dumpling and made from ingredients like potatoes, flour and semolina and served in a savory white or red sauce. However, in typical Trader Joe’s fashion, the company took a simple food and made it so much better.

The Chocolate Lava Gnocchi’s packaging describes the dessert as “sweet chocolate gnocchi with a molten chocolate core.” Much like the grocer’s popular cauliflower gnocchi, this version can be served up in under 10 minutes by sauteeing in a pan with a little butter before enjoying the melty goodness.

You can find the new product in a 12. oz bag in the freezer section for $2.99.

––Karly Wood



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