If pasta isn’t your friend (or your child’s), then the new gluten-free Classic Mac & Cheese at Trader Joe’s is well worth a try. Yep, TJ’s is now selling a gluten-free version of their original fave. And shoppers are lovin’ it!

If you’re a long-time Trader Joe’s shopper, you may be thinking, “Hey wait, don’t they already have a gluten-free mac and cheese?” Well yes they do. Or rather, yes they did. According to Trader Joe’s blog, they did carry a frozen GF mac and cheese product years ago.

The original frozen feast was made with rice flour pasta, white cheddar and and Monterey Jack cheeses. But alas, the powers that be at Trader Joe’s decided that they could make an even better version than what they were already selling.

So how is the new cheesy treat different from its predecessor? Instead of two cheeses, this one uses four! Expect the same cheesy goodness that you’d find in TJ’s Diner Mac ‘n Cheese. Yep, you’ll get Cheddar, Swiss, Havarti and Gouda. Yum!

Along with the four types of cheese, the frozen entree also includes a house-made gluten free bechamel and milk. And that means, if dairy isn’t your thing—maybe this isn’t for you. But if you’re a complete cheese-head, look out…because you’ll want the creamy awesomeness of your new would-be (and should-be) freezer staple.

As for the pasta, the new mac and cheese has corkscrew-shaped rotini that’s made from rice, corn, lentil and quinoa flours. You can find Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Mac & Cheese in the store’s frozen section for $3.49.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Vancouver Bites! via Flickr



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