Featured photo: Nicole via Flickr

If you’re a frequent shopper to Trader Joes, then you’ve probably seen (and hopefully tried!) TJ’s amazing cauliflower rice, which is made completely of grated cauliflower (sold fresh or frozen) and looks enough like real rice that you can likely sneak gobs of it into your tots’ favorite meals.

Apparently, we’re not the only ones to adore the stuff, because some Trader Joe’s stores are being forced to ration how much cauliflower rice each customer can buy, according to an article that appeared on Delish.com. Select TJ stores in New Jersey and Connecticut are limiting customer’s cauli-rice purchases to just two bags, the article said, though not all stores are enforcing these restrictions.

Is your local TJ out of stock? You can always make it at home. Cauliflower rice is just grated cauliflower, after all. The packaged versions have only skyrocketed in popularity because of the surging prevalence of Pinterest posts like these that tout all the yummy ways it can be used in family meals. Moms love it, of course, because the rice-like consistency makes it a perfect carb substitute (and hidden veggies) that can be used in kid faves like burritos, chicken bowls and casseroles.

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