Trader Joe’s new product alert: Bamba has now hit the shelves.

What is Bamba? Bamba is a best-selling snack you will find in Israel –– you can’t go very far in Israel without seeing a snack pack of it on display. Bamba is a light and airy treat that offers a satisfying crunch with a non-overwhelming peanut butter flavor. Think peanut butter equivalent of Trader Joe’s cheese puffs or Pirates Booty. Bamba is a very difficult snack to find here in the United States – until now.

Trader Joe’s has debuted their own version of this popular Israeli snack and to keep its authentic taste, the grocery chain has the snack produced for them right in Israel.

Each 99-cent bag contains just four ingredients: corn grits, peanut paste, palm oil, and salt. According to Trader Joe’s the corn grits are popped under high pressure creating unflavored Bamba, then cut into peanut-sized nuggets and air-baked for 20 seconds in a drying chamber providing a crispier texture. Lastly, the Bamba is moved into large, rotating drums where they are coated with hot, liquid peanut butter (made from the four ingredients mentioned above), resulting in the delicious, airy, peanutty flavored snack that everyone loves.

The fact that all of us in the U.S. can now enjoy this delectable treat – and for only 99-cents – is exciting. If you’ve never had Bamba but love anything peanut butter flavored, we know you’ll love this snack. Peanut butter flavored puffs? Yes, please.

–– Leigh Weinberg

photo courtesy of Trader Joe’s