There’s a special place in our hearts for parents of picky eaters. Meal times prove extra challenging, but in no surprise to anyone, Trader Joe’s is here to save the day. We’ve rounded up some tasty snacks and meal ideas that are so delicious, even your picky eaters will chow down.

Bamba Peanut Snack

The Trader Joe's version of the popular Israeli snack food, Bamba is a feast for the senses. Made with just corn grits, peanut paste, palm oil, and salt, the snack is light and airy, and oh so delicious. Think: cheese puff but with peanut butter!

Can you believe it's only $.99 for a bag? Time to stock up on some Bamba!

photo: Karly Wood for Red Tricycle

Organic Popcorn with Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

What kid doesn't enjoy a handful of popcorn? While not your standard movie theater version, this organic popped corn with accompanying organic extra virgin olive oil is a fancy snack that's perfect for adults or kids. Pack in a lunch or take on the go––there's nowhere this popcorn can't go.

A large bag is only $1.99 in the snack section at Trader Joe's.

photo: Karly Wood for Red Tricycle

Original Savory Thin Crackers

Enjoyed a la mode, with cheese or in a dip, there's nothing these original Savory Thin Crackers can't go. The gluten-free snack is a great size for kids' lunches and perfect for portion control.

A pack of these tasty crackers is only $1.69 in the cracker and snack aisle.

Trader Joe's Contemplates Inner Peas

These baked pea snacks couldn't get much simpler! Made from actual peas and shaped like a pea pod with a touch of salt, your picky eater most likely won't even realize they're getting their dose of green veggies in this tasty snack.

A bag of these is only $1.49!

Sweet & Savory Trek Mix

Nuts, dried fruit and chocolate all come together to make this trail mix a fan fave, even for picky eaters. Each serving means 4 grams of protein, and it's super easy to take on the go.

A large bag is just $3.99 in the packaged nut section.

photo: Karly Wood for Red Tricycle

Organic Lowfat Organic Squishers

Sneak in that healthy dairy to your picky eater's palette with cherry or strawberry yogurt squishes. The low-fat snack packs calcium in an ideal on-the-go squeeze package that kids find equally fun as they are delicious. You can even freeze them for a cold treat! 

An 8-pack of squishes is only $3.19 in the refrigerated dairy section at TJ's.

Organic Fruit Wraps

Oh, hello $.49 snack foods! These organic fruit wraps (or fruit leathers, as they are also known) come in four fruity flavors and are finger licking good. They are ideal for packed lunches and snacks because they don't get smashed!

Stock up on these $.49 wraps near the cash register or snack aisle.

Hummus & Pita Chip Snack Pack

This package of two, four-ounce trays is filled with TJ's popular Mediterranean hummus and their own pita chips on the other. Easy to slip into a lunchbox or grab for an on-the-go snack on the way to after-school activities. 

Each pack is $2.29 and can be found in the refrigerated snack section. 

Ricotta & Lemon Zest Ravioli

Made in the shape of sunflowers (now that's a way to entice your picky eaters), TJ's Ricotta and Lemon Zest Ravioli is made with fresh ricotta cheese, Sicilian lemon zest, butter, bread crumbs, and salt. Toss with butter or olive oil (because you know, sauce is so gross), and you've just found your go-to dinner.

An 8.8-ounce package of this ravioli can be found in the refrigerated section for only $2.99.

Gluten Free Mac & Cheese

Move over gluten-free Mac & Cheese, TJ's has just released a brand new Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese, and it's SO MUCH BETTER. Made from a blend of Havarti, Swiss, Cheddar and Gouda, this frozen dinner heats up like it was made fresh. It's creamy, flavorful and way better than other boxed versions.

Pack your freezer with several boxes of these for just $3.49.

Turkey Corn Dogs

Rest easy when your picky eater delves into a Turkey Corn Dog from TJ's. Made from an all-turkey dog with no added nitrates, and then dipped in a savory batter, good luck stopping your littles from eating them with gusto.

A pack of 4 is only $2.99 in the freezer section.

Mandarin Orange Chicken

It's no secret that Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken is a real crowd pleaser––it wins for most popular product year after year for the retailer. The sweet and savory frozen dinner is a fan favorite for both adults and kids, even picky ones. Plump chicken is covered in crispy breading and then coated in a delicious sauce.

Pick up this easy dinner for $4.99 in the freezer section.

Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

Nothing but the best for your kids, especially when you warm up some of these Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets. Made with white meat chicken that hasn't been treated with antibiotics, this meal is not pre-cooked. So while you may need a few extra minutes of cook time, the crunchy breading tastes oh so delicious, especially when pairing with a tasty sauce.

A package of these nuggets are only $4.99 and found in the freezer section.

Ramen Soups

The subtle yet unique flavors in two of Trader Joe's newest products, make these Miso soups perfect for picky eaters. Noodles and savory spices plus a packet of sesame oil make this stand out from other ramen cups and make all the difference.

Choose from either Chicken or Miso Ramen cups for just $1.29 a piece.

Bean & Rice Burritos

Picky meat eaters will chow down on these bean and rice burritos. Made with just the basics, no artificial flavors or preservatives AND 99% fat free, everyone wins when these burritos are for dinner.

A pack of 2 is only $2.99 in the freezer section.


––Karly Wood


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