You don’t need to install elaborate swing sets and slides to spice up your garden. In fact, simple hacks like turning your fence into a life-size chalkboard or using old pots and pans for classic musical play will have your kid swiftly out the door. Flip through the photo gallery to discover easy ways to transform your garden into a true paradise for play—no hardcore landscaping required!

Musical Garden by Mothering with Mindfulness

Noisemakers will love having their own bangerang playspace. Take your old pots and pans (or stop by a local Goodwill where you can get used kitchen goods on the cheap) outdoors and hang them on a rack made of reclaimed wood or an old clothing stand. Need more inspiration? Mothering with Mindfulness has even more exciting additions like a tepee, swings and more.

Photo courtesy of Mothering with Mindfulness


How have you made your garden into a kid’s paradise? Share your tricks of the trade in the Comments section below!

— Christal Yuen