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Here are five must-read stories we spotted this week from the Spoke Contributor Network.

1. One of the most annoying things this mom hears is the well-intended, “the housework can wait.” Here’s why it’s not always that easy and why the housework really can’t wait.

2. Moms must have some sort of amazing super powers because they seem to be the only people that can do so many simple tasks that are seemingly impossible for a lot of kids. Check out this list of mom super powers.

3. Relationships are tough! But this wife believes it’s important to stay married, even when it’s so hard. Here’s what she thinks. Do you agree?

4. Everyone dreads the Terrible Twos. But did you know age three is the year of the super-hater? Here’s why.

5. Having a baby doesn’t just rock your body. It rocks your whole entire world. Luckily, there have been a few people before you who have embarked on this whole parenting adventure. And—better yet—there are some pretty famous parents who have shared hilariously relatable thoughts on parenting.

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