What is it about things that roll, float, and fly that enchant our kids? An hour riding the bus or watching the garbage men in their huge truck is enough to make our transportation-crazy kids excited for days. With the new app Trucks and Things That Go by Gil Weiss, kids can indulge their love for things that roll, float, and fly while learning word and picture association.

trucks and things 1

This app functions much like the cardboard shape puzzles are little ones are experts at putting back together (minus the little red handles). As each piece appears on screen, it’s up to your little puzzle solver to drag the piece to it’s appropriate spot on the board. When they drop it in the correct spot, a voice says the name of the vehicle and plays a fun sound effect. All it takes are a few rounds of dragging and dropping pieces to turn your little puzzle sleuths into experts at naming their favorite ships, planes, and four-wheelers.

trucks and things that go-2

The boards are fun and colorful and include over 70 different vehicles for your kids to interact with. This puzzle is a great way to keep kids entertained for hours, and a fun way for them to learn the names and sounds of vehicles that they see on a daily basis. With six different themes to choose from, your tots will soon become experts in all kinds of vehicles. Recommended for ages 4 and up, but the colors and shapes alone are enough to entertain even the littlest of kids.

Bonus: You can switch the language mode to Hebrew to work on language skills too!

Buy it now for $1.99 in the iTunes store.

What’s your little mover’s favorite mode of transportation?

–Scott Wardell