When you’re mindfully adventuring outside with your family, you’ll remember to Leave No Trace. And Tupperware’s partnership with the National Park Foundation makes it cost-effective and stylish to minimize waste. A new line launched to celebrate the National Park Service’s 105th birthday is available now, perfect for your picnics and camp meals!

All four items feature a limited-edition, desert-inspired or mountain forest parks print. The reusable water bottle ($10) and the ECO+ To-Go Cup ($9) help you hydrate for hikes or enjoy a toasty cup of morning brew. The ECO+ Sandwich & Snack Keeper Set ($13.50) level up from a plastic bag or aluminum foil and keep your fuel fresh for any excursion.

The two brands also co-commissioned a survey that revealed American’s commitment to cutting down on waste. Most (84%) said they believe reducing waste can help preserve national parks for future generations and 83% said they wished it was easier to reduce the amount of waste generated. These new products will certainly make sustainability easier for the whole family.

You can buy the new products at select gift shops in or near national parks, or online. Happy eco-friendly adventuring!

––Sarah Shebek

All images courtesy of Tupperware



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