If you dream of making Easter a DIY affair, but usually only get so far as stuffing chocolate in plastic eggs, take a cue from our friends at Brit + Co and Ghirardelli who created a super simple craft that’ll give your Easter basket a makeover. With just a few supplies you can easily create this fun springtime basket and customize it with different color ribbon, paracord and treats.

You’ll Need:
Metal buckets or pails
Hot glue gun
Hot pink, blue and white paracord (other color combos or ribbon work well too)
Ghirardelli chocolates or treats of your choice

1. Start at the bottom of your bucket. Glue one end of your colorful paracord or rope to the bucket with the hot glue gun.

2. Wrap your rope around the bucket in circles and keep wrapping until you’ve covered a couple of inches. At this point you can either continue or switch colors. If you’d like to switch colors simply glue the first color and cut your ribbon; to begin the second color block affix another dab of hot glue and begin wrapping your second color.

3. Once you’ve reached the top seal the end with another dab of hot glue to finish off the bucket.

4. Fill your Easter basket with treats!


Tell us in the Comments below how your colorful rope basket turns out!

Craft and photos courtesy of Brit + Co.