photo: Qeepsake Facebook page

Baby books are great… if you actually fill in all the pages. But since most of us probably don’t (at least, not completely) a new company aims to make keeping track of all those milestones as easy as sending a text message.

Qeepsake is a mobile messaging service that sends you text message-based questions about your child. All you have to do is respond to the text and hit “send” to store your answers in your child’s online journal. You can also send descriptions or photos of milestones and events as they happen — so if your baby just took her first steps while you were at a mall far, far away from your tucked-in-a-cabinet baby book, you just need to type a few lines into your phone, hit send, and your milestone will be recorded.

It makes sense, right? Because while we aren’t likely to carry a baby book everywhere we go, we’ll always have our mobile devices.

The app saves all your responses, photos and memories, so that when you’re ready to compile an actual book, you can just go to the app or website to order one. And, if you ever want to add more detail to your memories, you can just log into the Qeepsake website to write a little bit more.

Qeepsake is the brainchild of Stephanie and Jeff McNeil, who realized shortly after their first child was born “how difficult it was to stay disciplined” when it came to traditional baby books.

Ditto on that.

You can find out more or sign up for the service at

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