In the endless cycle of meal prep, clean up, bath time, clean up, play time, and clean up, sometimes you need a 140 character break to take the edge off. We rounded up some of this week’s most hilarious tweets to do just that. Check it out!

1. Why, thank you!

2. A different brand of “potty accident.”

3. Well in that case…

4. Try Google?

5. Or straight into a pile of LEGO.

6. Terrifying.


7. Where’d he learn that?!

8. It’s like wrestling with a snake.

9. We’re just getting into character.

10. Um . . . thanks?

11. Glad you’re getting an education, kiddo.


12. Are you saying I’m old?!

Do you have any tweet-worthy moments courtesy of your comedic kid?

—Francesca Katafias