The holidays are filled with traditions, joy and tons of hilarious moments when you have kids. Whether you’re worn out from the winter break or trying to keep up with that dang Elf on the Shelf, there are plenty of Twitter parents sharing in the same Christmas magic. Keep reading to see some of our fave tweets about surviving the holidays with kids.


1. Have kids, they said.

2. ::donates to GoFundMe account::

3. Ohh, the stress eating.

4. What a lovely 30 minutes it is.

5. #parentperks

6. It’ll be much easier.

7. Why, tho?

8. The big man is on speed dial.

9. Not it!

10. They’ll love the center-cut filet.

11. True story.

12. Dasher, Prancer, Rudolph!

13. Double-edged sword.

14. #elffail

15. Same.

––Karly Wood

Feature image: Gratisography



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