It’s been said that a vacation with kids is actually just a “trip” devoid of relaxation. And while we are the first to admit that it’s definitely a challenge, we can’t imagine a life without our kiddos. The best way to handle the chaos is with an ounce (or maybe a gallon) of humor, and this roundup of hilarious tweets from parents proves it. Keep reading to see just how our fave Twitter parents are putting the laughter in family vaycays.


1. For once, auto correct is accurate.

2. So, there’s that.

3. 💩

4. Haunted, indeed.

5. WHY!?

6. 🤣

7. And so much better.

8. So much cheaper.

9. No, no you are not.

10. Just please stop.

11. ‘Twas a good run.

12. Definitely for you!

13. Just 90%?

14. Toddler + Butterfly garden=BRAVE.

15. Just sayin’.

16. Sounds about right…

17. But we’ll miss this, right?

18. It always does.

19. Could be a new style?

20. It’ll be fun, they said.

21. Are we there yet?



––Karly Wood



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