If the world let kids be in charging of naming things, we’d all live in a happier place. From surprisingly accurate descriptions to downright hilarious phrases, our roundup of funny tweets from Twitter parents is bound to make you chuckle. Keep reading for a collection of laugh-worthy ways that kids describe common things.


1. Technically this is very accurate, so…

2. What would your “birthday meat” be?

3. So body positive!

4. This is shockingly accurate.

5. Kitty Pool sounds so much more fun.

6. Goodbye crow, hello Halloween Eagle!

7. This would also be a good name to call a purse.

8. Why haven’t we thought of this!?

9. So emotional, and so much better than “tears.”

10. BRB, heading to the airplane store!

11. 😂😂😂

12. Gotta go apply my armpit makeup!

13. Because two-year-olds are the best.

14. 🙌

15. Too bad it’s not filled with glitter!

16. Pass the pizza sugar, please.

17. Accurate.

18. And it sounds a little creepy!

19. Anyone else suddenly want bacon?

20. We could all use a little extra fiber!

21. #dreadmill

22. For REAL.

23. Nailing it, for sure.

24. Beat Fever doesn’t have the same ring to it.

––Karly Wood



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