If you’re like most parents of tweens and teens, you’re constantly telling them to clean their room, eat healthy and ease up on smartphone usage, especially when they constantly use up the data and allotted minutes. The clean room and healthy eating may be a lost cause, but there is a smartphone solution that won’t break your bank account. Twigby is a low-cost wireless services that’s a great option for tweens, teens and, quite honestly, the whole family. Everyone gets their smartphones and you don’t go bankrupt. That’s a win all around!


Twigby is unlike other cell phone service companies. Their priority is to be customer-centric. That means they are always mindful of costs and efficiencies, and make decisions based on how to best meet the needs and wants of value-seeking shoppers. Here’s a look at how Twigby translates into savings and no hassle for your family.

Twigby has three-times the coverage
With Twigby, not only do you get to use not one, but two nationwide cell service providers to make calls, but you can also use Wi-Fi for texting and calling. Wi-Fi provides robust coverage in places where cell networks don’t always work, in places like basements and apartments. That’s way better coverage than you may receive from regular cell phone service providers.

Twigby has affordable plans
Most cell phone plans are fixed and can’t be changed. This means the customer is forced to pay for a set amount of minutes, texts and data each month, regardless of whether they use it or not. And those amounts can be super expensive. But Twigby gives you the option to create a plan that is best for you. The company has three new smartphone plans with aggressive pricing that will easily meet the needs of your family. The new plans start at only $20 per month and Twigby is also offering 25% off service for six straight months.

  • Unlimited Talk, Text and 3GB of high-speed data = $15/month (25% off for 6 months)
  • Unlimited Talk, Text and 5GB of high-speed data = $18.75/month (25% off for 6 months)
  • Unlimited Talk, Text and 10GB of high-speed data = $26.25/month (25% off for 6 months)

If you need to change plans during a month, you only pay the difference in the next plan price. When your billing period restarts, you move back to original plan choices. It’s that simple. See how much your family could save by using their savings calculator.


You can keep your current phone numbers
Nobody wants to change their cell phone number, least of all your tween/teen. Twigby allows you to keep your current phone numbers, and it’s super simple to do. When you select your service and check out online, Twigby will ask if you’re using an existing numbers or if you’d like a new ones. They handle the rest from there.

Twigby offers risk-free guarantee
Twigby believes they have the most affordable plans out there. In fact, they’re so confident in their service, that they back it with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Life with tweens and teens is challenging enough! Make parenting and budgeting a little easier with Twigby’s smartphone service options. For a limited time, new customers receive an additional 25% off their first six months of service.

—Leah R. Singer