Natasha D'anna

Natasha D'Anna: Mom of 3, which includes twin girls and a son, wife, NYC Influencer, Award winning Children's book author & ABA Therapist, sharing stories about a bonded lifestyle.

Having twins is double the blessing. It is something that I like to remember rather than being overwhelmed with the thought of having two babies at one time. Now that we’ve shifted those gears; let me share some of the top items that have helped twin parents make life a little easier; especially when doing it alone. Here are the lists of gear needed as well as books that can bring you from day to night.

I wish that I could say that there is a specific rule book when caring for twins, But there isn’t. Just as it goes when having your singleton baby; It is all in the matter of nurture and what fits you comfortably. Journaling was a great way to mentally answer my own questions as well as keep notes and track of our daily routine. Movement was always a great part of our day, and still is. Lastly, call on your fellow twin mamas who laugh at the days that are upside down.


I loved reading through this book. Its a quick navigator and gives you direct references.

What to Expect When You're Expecting Twins

The twin parenting book of what to expect when expecting twins



I loved the position of this stroller. Its easy to access both babies and have them occupy each others attention when strolling.

Bugaboo Donkey for 2

Your second set of wheels



It is such a lifesaver to be able to walk around with both babies as well as balance yourself to better posture and strength.

Twin 2 Go Carrier

Your second set of hands.



I loved being able to have the extra height and arm support when nursing both babies at one time.

Twin Z Pillow for Nursing

Comfortable Nursing like a pro to feed both babies at one time.



Baby Connect (Babies Feeding Schedule App)

The app that helps you remember to feed both babies.

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The App that helps you keep track your babies feedings without losing track of which baby ate last.