Social media has many different uses. You use it to post pictures of your kids. And your spouse. And your cats. And your dogs. Oh, and yourself too. And…well, sometimes it can actually be used for good. And that’s what happened when one London dad recently posted on Twitter and Facebook. Check out the special holiday wish that was granted after a tweet was met with a pretty rad response.

James Dutton’s 19-year-old son is severely autistic. When the dad asked the teen what he wanted for Christmas, there was only one response to give — Postman Pat. If you’re asking, “Who is Postman Pat?” you aren’t alone.

Postman Pat is a stop-motion British children’s TV show from the 1980s. Even though Dutton’s son, Thomas, is far too young to have ever watched the show when it originally aired, the boy has been getting plenty of viewing in on YouTube.

Wanting to find an original copy of the show, Dutton tweeted and posted on Facebook, asking for help. With thousands of retweets, the dad’s post paid off in only a few short days. Jill Hulme saw a retweet of the post and responded right away. Hulme had a copy of the VHS tape and was already planning on donating it away. She told London’s The Independent newspaper, “I have three boys who, when I told what happened, were so pleased to hear that Thomas would be getting such as great surprise on Christmas morning.”

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