photo: Pexels

Where did you give birth? Was it at a hospital? A birthing center? Or maybe it was at home, during a planned birth experience. Wherever it was, chances are that it wasn’t a Burger King parking lot. Well, for two different moms, BK became a makeshift delivery ward. Oh, and both mamas gave birth just a day apart. Umm, what? Yep. Two babies and one Burger King. Read on to get the scoop on what went down in one New Jersey BK parking lot.

It was nearly 7:30 p.m. on a Friday night when one mama-to-be made a pit stop in a Burger King parking lot in Denville, New Jersey. The mom was trying to get to the hospital, but the baby just wouldn’t wait. By the time emergency services got there the baby was ready to make a grand exit — from mom that is.

Fast-forward to the next night and emergency services gets the same call, again. At first they thought it was a joke. Come on, another woman going into labor in the same parking lot? Really? But this was no joke. Yes, there was indeed a second woman in labor. When the EMTs got to the BK parking lot, the woman in labor was in the process of delivering.

Not only did both moms give birth within 30 feet of one another, 24 hours apart, but they also both had healthy baby boys!

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