photo: British Library Shop

Fans of all-things-Potter will want to get their wands warmed up because Potter’s publisher plans on releasing two new books about the famous wizarding world. But before you get too excited, Muggles, we’ve got news for you: these aren’t new books about Harry, per say. They’re just more literary fodder about the mystical world that surrounds him.

According to an article published in Reader’s Digest, the UK-based Bloomsbury publishing plans on releasing the books to correspond with the British Library’s Harry Potter exhibition, which runs October 20, 2017 through February 2018. That exhibition (located at the British Library’s London-based museum) will offer visitors a trove of essays, artwork and manuscripts all exploring the magical realm — including some never-before-seen notes and sketches from J.K. Rowling’s own stash. It will be organized by subject, from “Potions and Herbology” to the “Care of Magical Creatures,” all based on subjects studied by Hogwarts’ wizards-in-training.

The books will, basically, be the print version of the exhibition, featuring much of the same material (so you don’t have to schlep the fam to London). The first book, Harry Potter: A History of Magic, will be the “official book of the exhibition” and will include artwork and essays from the exhibition as well as never-before-seen pages of Rowling’s books, the article said. A British Library Shop description of the book says it “promises to take readers on a fascinating journey through the subjects studied at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” The second book, Harry Potter: A Journey Through a History of Magic will include more manuscripts and notes as well as lessons on alchemy, unicorns and ancient witchcraft.  

Bloomsbury decided to publish the books to celebrate the 20 year anniversary since young Harry entered the imaginations of wannabe wizards everywhere. For now, the books (which will be released October 20) will only be available in the UK, though Bloomsbury plans on selling digital copies on the Pottermore website.

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