Let’s face it, with prune-like skin, baby acne, cradle cap, rashes and drooling, not everything about a newborn baby is pretty. We’re asking parents to take off their rose-colored glasses and admit it: you have an ugly baby.

There is no shame in having an ugly baby. In fact, there can be fame, glory and fortune for your little ugly ducking if you enter Red Tricycle’s Ugly Baby Contest.

The Contest:
We’re looking for newborn babies from 0 – six months who display the worst characteristics of new babyhood – the ones that make you think, “gosh, I hope this is just a stage!”

First Prize:

1. Recognition that yes, it’s true, you do have an ugly baby

2. A new camera, so you can record every grotesque moment.

3. A $5,000 credit with this board-certified plastic surgeon ( in case it wasn’t “just a phase”)

To Enter:

Click here to go to our entry page to submit your photo and read full contest rules.

View Submissions:

Click here to view the ugly baby submissions and vote for your favorite.