Do you have holiday travel plans that will take you on Alaska Airlines? Well, make sure to wear your ugly Christmas sweater, because Alaska Airlines will celebrate National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day again with a super-fun promotion!

National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day (which incidentally is a made-up, yet real thing that people actually celebrate) is Dec. 21. And in honor of those kitten-covered, light-up, wine-drinking-Santa knitted gems, Alaska Airlines wants you to board their flights early.

Photo: The Ugly Sweater Shop via Flickr

The airline will offer early boarding to travelers who wear their ugly Christmas or holiday sweaters on all Friday, Dec. 21 flights. So go ahead and indulge in a little preferential treatment just for showing up in your awesomely ironic best!

Of course, this does beg the question: “What about those travelers who are wearing their totally not meant to be ironic holiday sweaters?” Um, yeah. How embarrassing for grandma when she gets to board early and thinks her Santa puppy light-up sweatshirt is completely Christmas-y cool.

But in reality, the promotion is just a way to spread the festive fabulousness of this time of year. So whether grandma is intentionally wearing an “ugly” sweater or she just thinks it’s super-stylish, an airline that’s supporting the merriment that we’re all feeling is pretty darn rad!

—Erica Loop



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