As if unicorn ice cream, cereal, Frappucinos and mac ‘n’ cheese weren’t enough rainbow one-horned goodness, now you can add personal-sized cake cups to the list. Recent rumors point to a soon-to-be released Unicorn Cookies and Pudding cup straight from the geniuses at Duncan Hines.

With purple frosting and star sprinkles, the cookies and pudding confection is sure to bring smiles to your kiddo’s face—and yours too. So what do we know about the impending unicorn awesomeness?

To start with, the unicorn-themed treat is still yet to hit store shelves. While there’s no release date for possibly the most magical product in Duncan Hines’ lineup, the brand’s parent company (Conagra Brands, Inc.) confirmed to PEOPLE that yes, this is a real thing they’re testing. Reps for Conagra also added, “The Cake Cup is in our innovation pipeline, but still in development.”

For now, we’ll all have to wait for the IRL version of the Unicorn Cookies and Pudding cup. But if you’re in the mood to snack, and have no interest in baking an entire cake, Duncan Hines’ Perfect Size for 1 cup line already includes Honey Maid S’mores, Chips Ahoy and Oreos!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Silvia Trigo via Pexels



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